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  1. YESS!! noob2chess Maybe! Can only gain so much at one time. :p
  2. YESS!! CM Reeceys Sick. You're way better than that though. Keep it up!
  3. YESS!! noob2chess Don’t know yet. Used the rating estimator and it came out to approx 16…
  4. Banned for aborting games oppo… j81 What is this bullshit?
  5. Celebrating my Chess Video Num… CM Reeceys Congrats on 100 videos Star! High quality stuff on that channel.
  6. YESS!! CM Reeceys #RaiseThatRating? Nice job dude! Whats the rating now?
  7. YESS!! noob2chess Had an excellent day of rapid and blitz. Beat a NM and CM OTB for the …
  8. Android Version Question weggman Hello, When (if ever) is it suspected the forum will be available v…
  9. Celebrating my Chess Video Num… StarThanatos I just won the first game , but I lost the others in a row :D . My God…
  10. How many games of chess can i … Frozenedge666 Congratulations, your longest game was 12 moves.. you truly deserve th…
  11. Celebrating my Chess Video Num… Neverness Isn't you who delivered the 1st loss to IM Fins on Lichess? :D
  12. Celebrating my Chess Video Num… jonmk Congrats on reaching 100 videos!
  13. Celebrating my Chess Video Num… StarThanatos 9 months ago (the same time to make a baby) i was uploading my first c…
  14. How many games of chess can i … DST001 it will take longer cause of increment :P
  15. How many games of chess can i … Tangelo777 @DST001 Try playing 0+1. You will not even have to wait 30 seconds to …
  16. Not too bad achja After playing lots of mediocre games this week, I was happy to play a …
  17. I just played a Perfect Game :D DST001 I finally played a game where i made 3 0-0-0 in a game Finally i can …
  18. Coordinates training should di… LM Lightsss ahah i can agree
  19. Language Translate TheDudeAbides Would be nice in a game under the chatroom lobby. Would be nice to kno…
  20. Proportional Bitcoin Prizes kogynuquer In BitChess tournaments, to encourage more participation, could we mak…
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