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  1. The disgusting has 4… Neverness I gave up on there years ago.
  2. 15/15 Training Partner? nobody47 I am up for that.
  3. The disgusting has 4… Yanagi1376 Although I don't like to play on because of the bad and comp…
  4. The disgusting has 4… Sungjin BobC, I understand you, but you need to respect it. You should also kn…
  5. Has anyone read this book? (Ch… Rembrandt16 The full name of the book is " Check mate for Children " Mastering the…
  6. Winter Marathon announced hritic333 @Lance5500 yeah i knew , i am looking to play this marathon maximum …
  7. Winter Marathon announced LM Lance5500 @hritic333 Marathon is too large event to change the dates, I bet. …
  8. Winter Marathon announced hritic333 please postpone it to 9th jan
  9. The disgusting has 4… Nordefjorden I know how you feel! I completely wasted 5 yrs on that site! Now I'm a…
  10. 15/15 Training Partner? JustANumber @PrioloAlgarvio , I know it isn't too unusual, but it is aggressive :)…
  11. Winter Marathon announced FireWorks Thanks Mr. Thibault!
  12. The disgusting has 4… BobC Imagine a chess website with 47 ads. Why do they bother with it? Every…
  13. 15/15 Training Partner? PrioloAlgarvio the sicilian isnt unusual dude
  14. 15/15 Training Partner? Chesscoach You can add me to this list.
  15. Suggestions for improving Tact… todo_pro It seems winning moves are no longer penalized.
  16. Why play French rather than Ca… gabrr82 That's why, answering to french, I've been trying something like this:…
  17. About Chess gabrr82 @OhNoMyPants has given many very good insights. I started here as a 14…
  18. Winter Marathon announced LM Lance5500 Thank you very much!
  19. Chess Season BobC I celebrate chess every day. I'm addicted to it.
  20. Suggestions for improving Tact… Peterdes I shall pose three suggestions for improvement of Tactics Training: on…
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2016 WCC, Tie-Breaks: The Elegant End

Lock the doors, this ends tonight!

2016 WCC, Game 12: A Toothless 35 Minute Draw

Fans disappointed, tie breaks on Wednesday

2016 WCC, Game 11: Karjakin's Last Try with White

Karjakin returns to 1.e4, will Carlsen suprise him with something new?