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Eastern Blitz 2h 4
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Hourly Crazyhouse 26m 1
Timman 2+0 Anti Rated 20m 3
Andreikin 5+2 Rated 40m 1
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  1. 6 centipawn loss per move 2+1 … WARGOD ... and your analysis certainly is *that good.* Cheers :--)
  2. 6 centipawn loss per move 2+1 … WARGOD I can see now how the C4 square is lost, and while it doesn't matter s…
  3. 6 centipawn loss per move 2+1 … LM Lightsss i don't consider myself that good :p but you have such strong control …
  4. The handicap Stockfish challen… vxo See how many moves it takes you to get checkmate using this FEN for yo…
  5. This is what I get noob2chess This is what I get being a positional player over a tactical player. …
  6. Brand New Aguilar Variation in… noob2chess LOL. Sounds good to me.
  7. Brand New Aguilar Variation in… AntonioGlez04 @noob2chess It wasnt a joke post lol, I really mean it with e5. See…
  8. Feature request :: "Check in X… iamoldlob It is very good enough if one can visualize until 4 moves ahead of pu…
  9. Wtf? noob2chess Gosh that is a lot of blunders. And high cp. For that time control.
  10. Brand New Aguilar Variation in… noob2chess Joke post? Isolated white a pawn and white center pawns is common in t…
  11. where did i go wrong (other th… cowbook i hit some great tactics and everything and still got finessed ='( ht…
  12. Can you win this guy? AntonioGlez04 @pkyue #8 I saw him drawing against a 1648?, dont think he uses an …
  13. Brand New Aguilar Variation in… AntonioGlez04 Once when I was still a noob at played at I started playing …
  14. Feature request :: "Check in X… SilasDugan Is there a possibility to have a learning tool where you can practice …
  15. My most fun game yet. noob2chess LOL. I played this game too.
  16. Problem with Opening's trainer. AntonioGlez04 @MackTheKnife #5 I finally got to 2006 and dont plan to touch that …
  17. 6 centipawn loss per move 2+1 … WARGOD Can any strong players answer my a3 / b3 quandary above?
  18. My most fun game yet. adieguez that's grandmaster play, I am not lying. look at this another http…
  19. My 60 memorable draws, games 1… achja Just played 2 unexpected draws in a row. Embarrassing fun. http:…
  20. Pausing correspondence games vxo #6: It could be an agreed upon thing. Like both players say "pause…
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