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  1. computer analysis NorwegianHobbyplayer Click "analysis" and then "request computeranalysis". You can only see […]
  2. computer analysis bhirghu How can I see computer analysis of a finished game? I can see only gam […]
  3. Beginner friendly chess engine alexnic SCE v1.2.2 is now available. This version fixes a bug in hash calculat […]
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  6. best game ever played? Malevolent @mikhail it was sarcasm, he probably just joke-insulted himself
  7. annoying disconnections galaxie-500 i'm on an unstable internet connection, and sometime i disconnect for […]
  8. best game ever played? Mikhail04 #17 no it isn`t
  9. Crazyhouse Chess Loucyber I would love to play crazyhouse too. It could be used as a test run […]
  10. Bughouse chess please! Loucyber I would also welcome Bughouse on Lichess - and I see big potential in […]
  11. 960 Games. motion I think It is the rooks the fact that the rooks are not on a and h fil […]
  12. 960 Games. motion This is a nice game I just played I […]
  13. 960 Games. motion To add to the Assios comment, to clarify it, I think this rule is com […]
  14. MAD GAME !!! xadrez_pt No, u didn't... ;-) But wht I didn't understand was the all sentence... :-D
  15. Make larger game control butto […] xadrez_pt yeah, krauzand, that will be good... :) :-D
  16. Highlight color alexnic Is there a way to change move highlight color? I selected the darkgray […]
  17. Correspondence game history Toadofsky Where do I view my correspondence games which are apparently finished? […]
  18. Make larger game control butto […] krauzand Lichess looks great on mobile devices, e.g. iPad and iPad mini, and I […]
  19. Adding a comments section to e […] LogicallyCompromised i am too weak to see most of, if not all these faulty problems sir zwi […]
  20. feature request mihailp hi, Inspired by this: Let […]
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